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There are a multitude of nappy styles to choose from. Read our guides to find the right one to suit your budget, lifestyle and baby! 

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Go Real is undertaking a huge research project with the aim of painting a clear picture of the choices parents in the UK make when choosing to use cloth or single use nappies. Please take a moment to have your say!


Whats the Issue With SanPro?



Why are we now talking about Reusable Menstraul Products as well as nappies? Have a read here about the issues surrounding single use SanPro.




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Nappy News

Build your own Little Lamb Nappy Kits

- 06/02/16 4:30pm

At Cloth Nappy Shop we understand that you may or may not need accessories when buying your nappies which is why we let you build your own kit and add the accesories that you need.


Kits available:

10 shaped nappies and 3 wraps

20 shaped nappies and 6 wraps

40 shaped nappies and 12 wraps

12 onesize pockets

20 onesize pockets 

10 sized pockets

20 sized pockets

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Go Real Awards!

- 28/01/16 2:53pm

Find out how to vote for your favourite nappies and retailers...

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The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting!

- 24/11/15 12:56pm

We have 3 copies of this Waterstones Green Life Style Best Seller by Zion Lights to give away! 

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